Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça Set

Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça Set

Single Barrel 207 

A winter spirit for a winter day, Barrel 207 wakes you up with a strong bitter chocolate nose. It softens in the palate with notes of the spices you may find in cinnamon bread – vanilla, orange peel – but in the creamiest of ways. For good measure, this expression finishes with allspice and coffee, so you can sit for a while and think about it. 750 ml | 45% ABV (cask proof) | 2016 release

Single Barrel 136

Barrel 136 is a rare expression that makes the mind wander far off, seeking to understand it. Take the finest cracker that money can buy, dip it in butterscotch sauce, then sprinkle finely-granulated sea salt on it. When you’re good and ready, dip this fine concoction into a glass of Cabernet and let it sun-dry on a tropical island beach near a rainforest. When it’s no longer dripping but not quite dry either, bite into it. That’s how Barrel 136 tastes. Whoa, there goes an albatross! 750 ml | 41% ABV (cask proof) | 2016 release